vineri, 5 aprilie 2013

And its all about...


This spring is coming with loads and loads of good news. The spring collections are absolutely fabulous, colorful and beautiful. This post is all about bags. From big brands to smaller brands, from expensive bags to not-so-expensive bags, every bag looks fab and comes with a story.

If in the 1920s, Coco Chanel became tired of having to carry her handbags in her arms and decided to design a handbag that freed up her hands. Inspired by the straps found on soldiers’ bags she added thin straps and introduced the resulting design to the market in 1929.
Now this bags are a must have in every wardrobe.

Is it not ironic that his niece Miuccia Prada transformed PRADA into a luxury brand considering that the founder Mario Prada was a staunch believer that women should have ABSOLUTELY no role in business.

London street fashion during the Fashion Week was a source of inspiration. 

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