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New Delhi


I decided to write a post about India. I have to admit that it is  totally different from whatever I saw till now. Thankfully I had the chance to visit it many times. I finally understood that yes, India is a country defined by it's own principals and rules. 

Also, it is, I think, one of the few left where people are actually very orientated to their traditional way of dressing. So whenever there are wedding or similar events, everyone is wearing indian clothes.

I want to write a few words about the indian weddings. It is something very special, the whole period is full of happiness, traditions, rituals. Weddings in India are considered to be a sacred and sanctified ritual. They are long ritualistic and elaborate affair with lots of pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding rituals. If in Europe a wedding is for ... let's say max 2 days, well here the whole ceremonial needs around 10-15 days. The traditions which has to be respected are next:

Mehendi Celebration: The occasion of Mehendi is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals. It is fun a filled ritual, which is celebrated mainly by the bride's family. Is the day when the bride's family and friends are using henna on their hands and feet.

Sangeet Party: Though people in India regard marriage more as a religious affair, the elements of fun and frolic are also added into it, to make this emotional affair, somewhat light and amusing. 

Wedding Ceremony : It depends on different on different parts of India, it can last from 1 hour to 5 hours, where the bride and groom sit in front and go around the fire to the chants of vedic verses . After the ceremony the groom puts the red powder called sinduur on the bride's fore head . Hence the red bindi on the fore head which shows that the woman is married and taken.

Marriage has also became a huge status symbol statement .

These pictures are from the Sangeet party.


Am decis sa scriu un post despre India. Trebuie sa recunosc ca este o tara cu totul diferita fata de orice am vazut pana acum, din fericire am avut ocazia sa vin de mai multe ori . Am reusit  sa inteleg ca da, India este o tara plina de principii si reguli.
Este o tara unde trebuie sa le fie respectate legile.

Este, cred una dintre putinele, unde oamenii sunt mult mai orientati catre portul traditional decat lucrurile si stilurile aduse din vest. Asadar atunci cand au loc nunti sau evenimente de aceasta natura in mod obligatoriu haine trebuie sa fie indiene.

Am decis totodata sa scriu despre nuntile din India. Sunt cu total aparte, pline de substanta si traditii, de ritualuri, de moravuri . Daca o nunta religioasa in Europa dureaza...sa spunem maxim 2 zile, ei bine da, in India, intregul ceremonial poate dura pana la 10-15 zile. In mod traditional trebuie respectate urmatoarele functii ale unei nunti :

Mehendi Celebration : Aceasta este organizata de familia miresei. Rudelor miresei, prietenelor ei cat si ei insusi, le sunt pictate mainile cat si picioarele cu henna.

Sangeet party: Aceasta este o petrecere unde vin dansatori si cantareti traditionali.

Wedding ceremony: Aceasta este nunta in sine, similara ca principiul cu nunta religioasa din Europa.

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