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Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting anything lately.

I landed in London 2 weeks back and I have to admit that I'm in love with this city.

I've been trying some new cool places to eat.

I've also become a big burger fan these days, this is the reason for why I'be been trying lots of burger places.

One of them is Bodean's BBQ ( their site is  here). They have lovely burgers and ribs and sandwiches and fried potatos and cool atmosphere. I love that place, it's chill and casual. Everyone there is in their jeans and t'shirts. There is no booking, sometimes there is a big big line but people move quite fast so you never wait for too long.

But after I thought that there can't be a better place than Bodean's for burgers, I went to St Christopher to this place called Patty&Bun ( their site is here ) . I LOVED IT !!! We ordered Jose&Jose burgers and chicken wings (by the way they only have 3 kinds of burgers and 1 veggie ) . I've never had a better burger than that one, absolutely amazing.

Last night I went for this food feast. There were around 20 stands with food from different restaurants. Initially I thought that there would be only food from my favorite restaurant in town : Caravan, but it wasn't. From burgers to chinese, and lebanese, and pancakes, and meat balls, and pork sandwiches ...to sum it up it was total satiation of all the senses connected to food  .

I want to tell you few words about this place called Caravan. We landed up there after we heard a friend speaking about it and since then it become one of our favorites (site is here ). Their food is outstanding. On the weekend they don't take bookings but is worthwhile to wait for a table.
Their coffee is also very good and different.

I will show your what it looks like :).

Next time you visit London, try it !!! :)


Hey guys,

Scuze pentru ca nu am postat nimic in ultima vreme.

Am aterizat in Londra acum 2 saptamani si da, recunosc sunt indragostita de orasul asta.

Am incercat cateva locuri dragute care ofera mancare buna si atmosfera deosebita. Am inceput sa acord mai multa atentie atmosferei dintr-un restaurant. Cred ca oricat de buna ar fii mancarea, daca atmosfera si modul de servire nu e ok, atunci nimic nu mai conteaza.

Am devenit mare fan burgers zilele astea si asta este motivul pentru care in ultima vreme am tot incercat diferite restaurante.

Unul dintre ele este Bodean's BBQ( site-ul lor este aici ). Ei servesc de la coaste de porc, la burgers, cartofi prajiti, sandwiches... atmosfera este foarte chill, oamenii sunt relaxati si foarte casual. Rezervari nu se fac, uneori, daca ai ghinion prinzi coada, insa oamenii se misca rapid deci mai mult de 20-25 de minute nu astepti. Insa chiar se merita .

Dupa ce am crezut multa vreme ca Bodean's este favoritul meu in ceea ce priveste burgers, am fost in St Christopher la Patty&Bun ( site-ul lor este aici ). E super cool locul asta. Am comandat Jose&Jose burgers si aripioare de pui. Nu am mai avut de multa vreme asa un burger bun. Mi-a placut la nebunie.

Aseara am fost la un festival, un fel de targ pentru mancare. Initial am crezut ca o fie gazduit de restaurantul meu favorit : Caravan, insa m-am inselat. Erau in jur de 20 de standuri cu mancare, de la diferite restaurante, de la mancare chinezeasca si libaneza  la clatite, bezele, burgers, sandwiches cu carne de porc gatita, pizza... uf o adevarata desfatare a simturilor.

Tin sa va spun cateva cuvinte despre locul asta numit Caravan ( site lor este aici ). L-am descoperit din greseala, din vorba in vorba. La inceput am fost sceptica tinand cont ca este intr-o hala industriala, insa de la prima inghititura am inceput sa iubesc locul asta. Mancarea este senzationala. In weekend nu se fac rezervari, uneori prinzi coada, insa mancare e asa de buna ca se merita sa astepti pentru 10-20 de minute. Au si o cafea deosebita si multe fresh-uri.

O sa va arat cum arata.

Data viitoare cand aveti drum in Londra, amintiti-va de restaurantele astea... merita incercate. :)



This are from the food feast .


Always full.

This where the magic happens.


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